Most of these face masks are disposable and are for one-time usage only. Ideally, you cannot use face masks once you soil them or the inner lining gets wet or moist. Rarely can you sterilize them for limited reuse? If you want to reuse the face mask, you have to keep it dry to last longer. While taking out the face mask, please do not put it under your chin so that germs there do not attach to the face mask. Please do not leave used face masks on any surface as it is a source of infection. You have to properly store the face mask so that you can reuse it.

Reuse :

Reuse mask refers to the practice of using the N95 respirator for multiple meetings with patients but removing it after each encounter. You can store it in between encounters to be put on again. KN95 mask supplier provide good quality face masks that you can use multiple times.

Cloth mask :

You can wash, disinfect, dry and reuse your cloth face mask.

Surgical mask:

If the surgical face mask is dry and the layers and shape are intact, but the face mask in a zip lock pouch with a dried gel. The dry gel absorbs moisture and keeps the face mask dry. If the face mask is intact and not torn, you can reuse it for 3 days. If an infected person wears it, you never need to reuse or share it.

N95 respirator:

When you are not using an N95 face mask, please store it in a closed plastic container and dispose of it off and regularly clean the N95 storage containers. KN95 mask supplier provide storage containers with a face mask. When reusing the N95 face mask, leave a used face mask in the dry atmosphere for 3 to 4 days to dry it out. Polypropylene in the N95 face mask is hydrophobic and comprises zero moisture. COVID-19 wants a host to survive. It can stay on a metal surface for approximately 48 hours, plastic for about 72 hours, and on cardboard for around 72 hours. If the N95 respirator is dry for 3 to 4 hours, the virus cannot have survived. It is the best idea to use four N95 face masks and number them 1 to 4. On day 1, use face mask 1, then let it wash and dry for 3-4 days. On day 2, use face mask 2 and then let it dry for 3 to 4 days and so on. Another method is to sterilize the N95 face mask by hanging it in the oven at 70 degrees C for around 30 min. Or you can use a wooden clip to turn the N95 respirator in the kitchen oven. The UV lights degrade N95 face masks so, keep them away from UV light or sunlight. Moreover, you can label the string of the face mask with your name so no one else can use it.

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