Guide To Right Mask Against COVID Protection

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Choose The Right Mask Against COVID Protection

Till yesterday, we used to believe wearing any kind of face mask is a must for protection against COVID, and so even a cloth mask is enough to protect the face areas if retaining social distancing is a bit challenging task. But, with the consistent rise of this infection, and increasing pollution everywhere, it seems must draw individual’s attention towards the right type of face mask to wear according to the environment.

Here, I am up with another useful post in which you’ll learn some basic kinds of face masks, which one is right to wear this pandemic time. Here we go;

The Many Types of Face Mask – Which One to Choose?

The most essential thing to identify the right face mask to fit your requirements is, to learn the various types. The disposable medical masks are divided into two main categories; respirators and surgical masks. Following are few types of face masks you might be Enlighted with;

  • Type I Face Mask
  • Type I R Face Mask
  • Type II R Face Mask

Difference Between Type II &type IIR Face Mask

Both Type I, and Type I R face masks are made using 95% BFE (bacterial filtration efficiency) whereas Type II and Type II R face masks are made with an increased amount of BFE material. The splash and breathing resistance for Type I R and Type II R masks is almost the same

Type I, I R, II, and II R face masks are medically tested in bearing of exhalation (inside to outside) and consider the proficiency of bacterial filtration. Careful veils of this kind prevent the wearer from tainting the general climate. They are not powerful at shielding the wearer from airborne sicknesses, for example, Covid.

Type II face veils (EN14683) are clinical face covers comprised of a defensive 3 utilize development that keeps enormous particles from arriving at the patient or working surfaces, anyway they are not successful when blood or organic liquids are available.

Best Features Type II face masks include:

  • Pleat style with ear loops or ties
  • Protective three-layer construction
  • Available in a variety of colors and styles.

What is Type IIR Face Mask?

Also known as EN14683, is are medical face masks that are made of 4 ply construction which helps in preventing large particles from reaching working surfaces. Type IIR Face veils incorporate a sprinkle safe layer to ensure against blood and other natural liquids.

Type IIR face veils are tried toward exhalation (inside to outside) and consider the effectiveness of bacterial filtration.

Characteristics of Type IIR  face masks include:

  • Made with a protective four-layer construction
  • Splash resistant layer against bodily fluids
  • Pleat style with ear loops or ties
  • Available in a variety of colors and styles
  • Type I, Type IR, Type II, and 3 ply face masks are for use in protecting others from the wearer transmitting infection.

Difference between FFP2 & FFP3 Face Masks

FFP2 and FFP3 Face Masks are European classes of respirators, tried on the bearing of motivation (outside to inside) and consider spillage to the face and filtration productivity.

FFP2 face masks are what could be compared to N95 face veils, which meet the rules from The World Health Organization for insurance against Covid-19. FFP2 covers have at least 94% filtration rate and a limit of 8% spillage to within.

These veils are not molded to your face however are essentially held set up by the flexible ear circle and have a normal life expectancy of 3-8 hours relying upon natural elements.

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