Nowadays, more than ever, your safety and your loved once safety is a priority. Indeed, you have doubted the best face mask to protect and the people you care about from this infection of Covid-19.

This article will describe why you should use a 3ply face Mask or some different kind of mask.

Do you want to know why Surgical Face Mask is better than others?

Discover based on the advantages of one over another.

The 3-layer surgical mask or Medical masks have been certified to be the best and most accessible option for preventing the spread of the dangerous COVID-19. To make it more informative, we have a list with the main characteristics of this 3ply face mask:

  • It repels the moisture of the respiratory airflow.
  • It does not release even small particles.
  • This mask does not contain latex.
  • It does not contain irritating substances.
  • This face mask filters around 75% of bacteria in the air.
  • Its elastic fastening tapes are resistant and comfortable.
  • They are also known as Disposable Mask- Henceforth, they are Disposable
  • They have a 53 g TNT filter.
  • They are useful for eight hours of continuous use.
  • It is essential to clarify that the effectiveness of any face mask depends mainly on two factors:
  • Quality of Disposable face Mask
  • Correct use Disposable face Mask
  • These Medical face masks should be SITRA / DRDO Approved, and ISO certified.

The function of the 3 Layers of Face Mask

Why does the surgical mask have three layers of materials? All of these 3 layers have some definite function. It’s significant the thing that you are relying on, how and what does it protect.


The technical name of this layer is “spunbond” and is made of 25-gram polypropylene. It gives us protection from the filter from the outside. It helps to stop the penetration of small particles such as dirt, pollution, dust entering it.


The technical name of this layer of 3ply face mask is “spunlace,” and it consists of powerful 53 g TNT filters. Most Disposable face Mask on the market uses a 20-gram white filter. A 53 gram TNT filter helps to achieve a 75% filtration of microorganisms and dust.


It is made with 25g white polypropylene. This 3ply face mask layer avoids contact with your skin with the mask’s middle layer. It helps to grip the most that occurs while wearing a surgical face mask that makes it feel comfortable.

Benefits of 3 ply Surgical Face Mask

They are inexpensive than FFP2 and FFP3 and much more useful than cloth face masks.

In the long run, Cloth face mask requires unique disinfection processes that, make them less cheap as of the demand for a Disposable face Mask. The 3ply face mask manufacturers have also been increased, the surgical face mask price has gone lower and become more affordable.

Key Benefits

  • The surgical face mask rate is now value for money.
  • Increase the 3ply face mask manufacturers worldwide.
  • Disposable Face Mask- stop spreading the virus.

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