What Creates The Medical Masks Different?

It is essential to realize that several medical masks are currently being sold online without any correct medical certification, meaning they are not effective in defending against the spread and contraction of viruses and potentially dangerous bacteria.

The difference between surgical face masks and other medical face masks:

NRS Healthcare offers various face masks, which all form part of the comprehensive Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) range. They offer the Type 1, Type II, Type IIR mask, and FFP2 face mask, all of which are tested and proficient medical devices.

Type 1, Type II and Type IIR surgical face masks are all perfect for use in public areas and socially distanced environments, with elastic ear loops and mouldable nosebands to confirm a close fit. These surgical face masks help stop the spread of respiratory secretions exhaled by the ill person wearing them, making them an excellent option to help prevent the spread of viruses and harmful bacteria. It is worth noticing that the fluid-resistant properties of Type IIR face masks are specifically for proximity environments like care homes and hospitals and protect against fluid transmission from coughs and sneezes. The World Health Organisation WHO only certifies Type IIR and FFP2 face masks for use in a close clinical environment, e.g., when working in a hospital with recognized COVID-19 patients.

FFP2 face masks are a different type of medical face mask that prevents the wearer from inhaling harmful particles and vapors. Also famous as KN95 or N95, FFP2 certified face masks filter out harmful particles effectively. You can use them in settings where there are patients with possible cases of COVID-19, as they can offer protection from the COVID-19 virus and the World Health Organisation recommends them. FFP2 face masks are also highly fluid-resistant, protecting you from droplets when someone close to you flu coughs or sneezes.

NRS Healthcare provides a choice of face masks to suit your requirements

the Type 1, Type II and Type IIR mask offers plenty of protection when you use them at home or out in public and are industrial to the European Type 1, Type II and Type IIR face mask standard. The Type 1 surgical face masks have a verified 95% bacteria filtration efficiency, and the Type II and Type IIR surgical masks have a bacterial filtration efficacy of 98%. All of these surgical masks feature an integrated noseband and elastic ear loops to a close fit.

FFP2 face masks are confirmed to 99.9% bacterial filtration and are available as a pack of ten or twenty. Every face mask is individually wrapped and rated to stop 95% of particles more than 0.3 microns in size. These face masks are thicker than a standard medical face mask, and they can fit the wearer using the adjustable noseband and soft tension straps for ideal protection in line with government strategies.

Why Is It Essential To Use Face Masks Correctly?

All face masks used in a medical or care setting must meet European Standards to guarantee that they offer the protection people want and be correctly fitted to the person to ensure they provide maximum protection. When in use, you can wear face masks and accurately dispose of them.

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