Earloop style medical mask

Item No: SNKA-101

Model : earloop , 3 ply
Size : 17.5cm x 9.5cm
Brand: Sonacare Main material : 70% non-woven fabric , 30% melt-blown fabric Color : Blue Weight : 3.2g

Package: 50 pcs /box , 2000 pcs / carton , carton size : 54cm x 41cm x 35cm , NW/GW : 6.00kg /9.00kg

Test Report: 1. EN14683:2019 , Type IIR (Europe)
2. AS4381:2015 , Level2 (Australia)
3. ASTM F2100 -2019, Level2 (USA)


Buy High-Quality Disposable Earloop Face Mask | SonaCare Medical

Wear a mask to protect yourself and to protect others!

The face masks are generally used for controlling infections in clinics, dental surgeries, hospitals, and healthcare institutes. The purpose of the medical mask supplier is to prevent all medical professionals, patients, and other staff from contamination that is caused by breathing or coughing of other people. Now mask is not just restricted to the medical field.

Covid-19 has struck the world population badly. This dangerous virus has not ended and it seems to be never-ending. The only solution to save yourself from this virus is wearing masks and keeping a distance from people. Jiangsu SonaCare Medical Science & Technology is providing you high-quality medical mask supplier .

Our earloop face mask gives you a great grip on your face. So! You don’t need to worry about the coronavirus now. you can place your order of supreme-quality face mask at market competitive price in just one click. Get your face mask at your doorstep with completely safe packaging. Our masks are tested to BFE (bacterial filtration efficiency). Buy our face mask to reduce the risk of infection spread, save yourself, and save others.

Our masks are comprised of a high-quality filter layer sandwiched between two hygienic layers of non-woven fabric. All the layers are bonded together to stop splits, disintegration, and also tears while using it.


Why buy a face mask from our company?

Jiangsu SonaCare Medical co., ltd is known as a leading medical mask supplier. Our earloop face mask are very beneficial for health. The structure of the mask is durable, water-resistant, tear-resistant, and multi-layered but light in weight. Our flexible earloop face mask is very elastic, the user can easily adjust the mask according to the need. for instance, you can tie a simple knot at the earloop face mask and make it wearable your kid. Our masks also comprise of an adjustable flexible nose bridge clip strip that helps in adjustments to the face contours.

The earloops of the disposable masks give you comfortable, secured and close face fit masks. these masks are splash resistant which keeps you safe from dangerous droplets. They are soft, light, and very skin-friendly masks that provide you secure and comfortable fit. The most important benefit of our mask product is that it does not obstruct your breathing. The type IIR masks are simple and very easy to use. They are disposable and non-sterile after a single-use. Our masks are light to pocket and very environmentally friendly.


What types of Medical / Surgical Masks We Have?

Being a medical mask supplier, we make sure to facilitate our clients with the best we can provide. Thus, we own all kinds of surgical ear loop facemasks, especially for physicians and doctors who work hard in a germicidal environment.

Here the following types of surgical face mask we own;

  • Charcoal Activated Carbon Face Mask

This medical mask supplier comprises one-ply activated carbon and three plies non-woven fabric. This face mask is commonly used during home cleaning, flu, medical care and could effectively filter out dust germs, allergies, smoke, pollution, and various odors.

This expendable carbon separated face veil made out of four layers, all around molded, and contains a surface without harm and stains

  • Dental Surgical Hypoallergenic Face Mask

This disposable earloop face mask with breathability comfort is ideal for development, nail salons, clinical, and dental use. It very well may be utilized in haze climate, cold climate, and building destinations, and so forth.

It includes an agreeable versatile earloop, extra-delicate ear circles dispense with strain to the ears.

  • FWPP Surgical Face Mask

Another thicker surgical earloop face mask is made of 3 layers of non-woven high-quality fabric. One layer of professional melt-blown cloth (absorbs small particles) has a more substantial filtering effect warmer. This earloop face mask includes; hospitals, restaurants, pet shops, and those environments that need respiratory protection.

Your satisfaction is our vision! Hope your search ends with SonaCare as your one-stop solution to approach medical mask supplier