KN95 Mask

Item No: SN 9501

Model : earloop , 5 ply
Size : 15.5cm x 10.5cm
Brand: Sonacare Color : white Weight : 6g

Package: 50 pcs /box , 1200 pcs / carton , carton size : 55cm x 48cm x 48cm , NW/GW : 7.20kg /9.20kg

Test Report: 1. GB2626-2006 (China)
2. EUA (Germany)

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Get the best quality mask from the leading KN95 mask supplier

Jiangsu SonaCare Medical Science & Technology is a professional KN95 face mask manufacturer and KN95 mask supplier. Our company has 45000 square meters area of the manufacturing site and 16300 square meter building area. In this large area of mask manufacturing, several latest technological machinery is used for accurate and supreme-quality masks. The unique location of our company allows us to supply our products domestic and foreign countries precisely and fast. SonaCare Company has made independent research and development on an air-laid masks production line which is based on the technical strength. Our air through non-woven production masks lines have made great recognition in domestic, all the production of our company has passed the nation acceptance certifications.

We have good technical experience in the field of face masks. We have succeeded in stable sales performance in foreign and domestic markets for many years, with the best product quality and integrity performance. With large-scale enterprise, we produce high-quality, strong, and durable KN95 masks and other surgical masks. We only use supreme quality raw materials and create the most practical and the highest quality protective face masks. They are used in several different fields like home for daily use, hospitals, factory protection, healthcare centers, and other public places.

Why our high-quality masks are beneficial?

We, the known KN95 mask supplier as we export all over the world, are praised by customers everywhere to bring good health and hope of corona-free life. Our KN95 mask supplier have made up of five different layers. They are 98% filtration efficiency, leak-proof, snug facial fit, non-irritating, easy breathability, filter viruses, hang friendly, and anti-smog. Our high-quality respirator mask is a unique protective device that helps users to protect against airborne tiny particles by best closely fitting on the face.

We supply reliable face mask, KN95 mask manufactured under approved standards of FDA. Our face masks are durable and highly- protective masks consisting of quality filters that are perfect for protecting you from harmful particles present in the air. These surgical masks are manufactured according to medical standards under the supervision of experts. Our breathable KN95 masks are made up of good quality non-woven fabric; they are skin-friendly and very comfortable and soft to wear. The KN 95 masks also consist of a cotton layer in the middle, absorbs the moisture. Our masks perform filtering function, the ultra-fine fibers with the capillary structure makes it having great filtering and shielding function. The structure also has an elastic earloop and a good nose strip which give an adjustable advantage for good face fit.

How Our KN95 Mask Differs from N95 & Other Face Masks?

The KN95 face mask is often confused with the N95 mask as both face masks need to mark specific requirements. Thus, as a leading Kn95 mask supplier, we take all possible efforts to make it tick right on fulfilling all required criteria, especially the fit testing.

The fit testing requirement reveals how well the face mask fits around the user’s face and how well it can filter out when it’s on your face. The Kn95 mask supplier is weighed on testing air both inside and outside the mask.

Schina Care is a name that counted among the ultimate solution when retailers look for some worth considering products in terms of protection against COVID -19. Here, we play a leading KN95 mask supplier by providing masks in bulk and thus getting admired worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions:(FAQ)

Q.1)What is KN95 Mask?

A KN95 is a protective face mask that is specifically designed to protect wearer from airborne particles or even droplets. This respiratory veil is determined by the Chinese government, emergency clinics, and authorities. KN95 veils are appraised to catch 95% of 0.3-micron particles. This is the reason, it is highly demanding in market, especially due to pandemic.

Q.2)What’s the Difference between KN95 & N95?

The K N95 is a face mask constructed in the Chinese standard that requires fit testing; this implies estimating how well a veil can fit around your face and how well it can sift through when it’s all over.It weighs, testing air inside and outside the mask. In comparison, N95 doesn’t have this standard. It doesn’t mean that people don’t do fit tests in the US, or organizations like hospitals don’t require appropriate tests.

Q.3) Where can I buy the best N95 face masks for coronavirus?

Market is flooded with plenty of standard face mask suppliers offering diversified variety in each category of glove; be it surgical face mask, medical face mask, respirator or other; but main challenge is to pick the right, and reliable glove for an effective use.

Here, Schinacare at your service as only N95 mask manufacturer & supplier, providing quality N95 gloves online, at best price, and in wide quantity.

Q.4) Where can I find face masks and other protective supplies wholesale?

Online trading platforms can help you find best protective supplies at wholesale price, but why to bother and search for these platforms when you’ve landed to convenient approach yourself?

Yes, at, you can expect to discover huge variety of face masks, and other protective supplies at wholesale prices. We provide quality in quantity to raise your business on greater level you couldn’t have imagined before!

Q.5) What is the full form of the KN95 mask?

KN95 mask supplier is basically constructed on basis of standard developed by China (GB2626-2006), pursuing KP standard for filtering oily particles. The Chinese KN standard & American NIOSH standard; both are same in technical requirements and test methods, so both have almost same functions

The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has set up 3 rating norms dependent on the capacity of veils to oppose non-sleek particles (like residue, microorganisms, sodium chloride, and so forth) with a distance across of 0.3 microns or more.